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My cool Pineda story

As some of you may know this comment was removed from the comment boards for reasons unclear. As I have to take “the boy” to his Little league game soon I will Just copy and post the entire thing here and maybe try and give the updated/extended version later. Thanx to all the Readers and feel free to comment.

O.K. the Boy’s game cancelled so I have more time…

Well, I guess this will actually be a bit of a re-write as My copy of the story has now disappeared!
So remember last week when I promised to tell you a really cool story? Well Here It Is. I was heading south to the game on Friday to let my kids see Prince Pineda pitch live. As I didn’t have the tix yet I decided to stop at Alderwood and pick them up so I would be able to get into the Bullpen area 1/2 an hour before gates open. (the box office @ the Safe doesn’t open till about the time the gates open so I couldn’t have gotten in early if I waited and got them there) So now Typical me I miss my exit. As its a couple miles south to the next exit to turn around I was debating Just heading to the Down Town Team store on 4th, but I finally decided I didn’t want to fight any down town traffic so I turned around at the next exit. As I pulled off on exit181 heading north now I turned towards the mall, but somehow I got off track and ended up in the residential neighborhood. Lucky for me I have GPS on the phone and it got me back on track albeit later than anticipated now. By the time I got to the store my boys who I had made wait to “use the facilities” because we were going to stop at the mall were near Floating away stage, so I took them in with me. I busted a move past an older couple to purchase my tix quickly to hurry along and was about to bee line for the rest rooms directly after when somthing made me stop and look at the Game Day Line Up Cards. AND THERE IT WAS!!! the Line Up Card from April 5th. Pinedas first ever Major League start. I was amazed it was there! I showed up the day after Griffey’s retirement last year to try and get the Line Up Card to his last hit game only to find it had been recalled to the head office just hours before. Alot of times with firsts and specials they will gve them to the player, put them in some kind of display or auction them off for charity or somthing. I started searching my pockets for my bank card as I had payed cash for the tix and couldn’t find it. I almost left my 9 year old to “guard ” it to go search the car till I found the bank card in an inside pocket. SO I GOT IT! 😉
That’s why I said last week I was hanging around the bullpen hoping to get Pinedas signature.
 I was hoping he could sign it!! Well sadly I didn’t get the Autograph (yet), so I started at the team store there to find the Line Up Card from April 12th, Pinedas 2nd start and first Major League win. To shorten this part of the story, come to find out not Any of all the Mariners team stores had any of the 2011 Cards…Except the one I found for April 5th…( talk about luck! 😉 So that is what I was trying to track down when I made my cryptic remark last week. And now I’ve found the other one and picked it up as well. So needless to say, I’m Elated! Its like finding a rookie card that there is only one of!!! As I’ve said before I love History and this may be one of the greatest finds I’ve aquired!
So there it is…My Cool Story! I hope you Enjoyed it! I’ll see if I can post some pics of the Cards soon!
As always…GO MARINERS!
Onward & Upward! 😉 

Maden Voyage

Well, here it is. My maden voyage as a blogger. ( Lets hope it’s not like the Titanic’s) I have noticed that some of my posted comments seem to be growing lengthy and I thought, since I’m writing so much anyways, I might as well try getting my thoughts down and organized here.

Well, to start off, as some of you may know who have read my posts I am a self proclaimed practical or pragmatic optimist. Basically when the chips are down I acknowledge it while looking for the good or for improvement. And when things go well I go crazy happy 😉

As to the Mariners Ive been a fan since 1993 when I moved up here. (A good time I think to jump into the Mariners frey) Before that I was a fan of baseball on a whole, and spent my childhood a Dodgers fan, having been raised in L.A. and brought to games and introduced to the sport be my grandfather. The two loves grampa gave me were coin collecting, and baseball. I still remember him taking me as a kid to Dodger Stadium…the nosebleed seat, the binoculars, the Dodger Dogs…all remembered with fondness.  I have been trying to instill the same love of the game in my kids now as was given to me. I bring them to as many games as I can a year and we listen to the rest on the radio. My daughter plays middle school softball (though she prefers hardball) and my second son is already switch hitting off live pitches at 7. All of my kids have been attending games at Safeco Field since before they can remember and three of four of them before there 1st birthday. My 1st son was only 4 months old when he watched the M’s win their 114th game of 2001! We have another son on the way for this July by the Allstar break and I hope to continue our traditions with him.

I still follow the Dodgers lightly, as they being in the National League I don’t feel any rivalic hatred as a now die hard Mariners fan. As I referenced before I was at Safeco the day the Mariners played their rescheduled game against Texas when they got there league tying record 114 win. I attended the Dave Niehaus celebratory day after he made Cooperstown. We drove the whole family to spring training when Griffey returned, and we were at The Safe to hear the cheers as Griffey came in late to hit one to help win the game. I was there as Sweet Lou threw his final tirade in Safeco last year, a moment I am glad my kids had the chance to see. We’ve watched Ichiro’s amazing plays and steadiness over the years as well as King Felix’s rise to greatness. And many, many more moments that we will charish. My love for coin collecting has now spilled over into memoribilia collecting. I have every Ichiro bobblehead ever given away at Safeco, as well as those of Griffey. I also have all the game day rosters from the last full home series Griffey was listed on. As well many others nicks and nacks with ties to baseball history. I love the feeling of having a piece of baseball history in the house that the kids can grow up with and feel a part of. Yeah.. I’m kinda a fanatic.

Well, thats enough about me and mine for now. I will come back later with more on the Mariners and my optimism for the future. thanks for reading!