Back Again….

Well…After 2 years my blog hasn’t been the Titanic, But 3 posts does not a true Blog Make! 😉

As the year has turned to 2013 I thought I might as well try again to make it into the frey & Create a real Blogger of Me Yet!

So many things have happened since I started 2 years back. We’ve lost Players…

(most noteably Ichiro *sniff*)

We’ve Gained Players….Hultzen, Montero, now Morales etc, etc.

Felix Pitched that Perfect Game!!!! Gotta luv THAT!!!!

On the home front My now 9 y/o switch hitting power hitter  has added Pitching to his resume. He was aske to be the main Starter last year at age 8 for his 10U team. Yeah….I’m a proud Papa…..d;-)

I lost my blog…….Yeah…truly it happened….around the Summer after I started this Blog I got a junk style eMail saying “hey, we may have made a mistake by letting all you wannabe lam~Os register these Quazi MLBish Blogs & now to rectify the problem we will deleteyour blog unless you expressly express that you do not want us to experess ship your blog to the virtual round file…..Oh & please let us know before this fast approaching deadline….” O.K…O.K….Maybe I’m paraphrasing just a bit, but that was the distinct feel of the eMail I found…..1 day after the deadline…. Sure enough too as promised I couldn’t log on via the “normal” method & I was sure I had lost My Mind…..Well…My Mariner’s Mind blog at least…d;-) Lucky for me (in this case anyway) nothing is truly lost on the World Wide Web & after a year of searching I broke back into my blog & claimed it as my own!!!….Then my computer died….true story!  Now I gave My wife a new LapTop for Christmas and have recieved her old one as a “hand~me~down” Sneaky me to get a new…er…new~to~me~personally computer huh!

So that is my long convoluted story that brings me here to the reBoot of Mosiah’sMarinerMind!

I have tons of stories to share, from meeting Felix with the Kids To becoming the Mariners Royal Family in the King’s Court (that’s what Kevin Cremin called us in Sept. as we shared an elevator & a walk through the Safeco Field Garage this last Sept. 😉 I’ve picked up some cool new memorabilia including the First Item Ever to be signed Larry Bernandez by Felix! After meeting Felix too I now have the first Item ever to be signed “Jerry Vernanders”!!! SO I guess “Jerry” has a last name now huh! 😉  & of course I will be adding stories here & there on how my future HOFer is doing on his rise to greatness as well…(he got his very first trading card  with his name, et al on it last year! Limited run of course….only like 10 copies…..;-)

I hope to check in again soon! (& maybe see how many people are actualy seeing this too! 😉



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